The powerful narrative of WEF edition of CRYPTO SUMMIT is restoring trust with technology

Sovereign states as crypto nations


A number of countries are adopting cryptocurrency as legal tender. Opportunity or┬áperil – what’s next on global adoption agenda?

Central banks national currencies


The competition for the best new money – will governments or technology win?

NFTs - hype or


How the decentralized record and transfer of ownership will enable new economic systems in the metaverse

Key metaverse enabler - the blockchain


NFTs, DeFi and DAOs – the prototypes for metaverse is already here. How it will these technologies shape the faster transition to the next iteration of internet.

DeFi - money for Web3


Decentralized currencies, DEXs, oracles and lending protocols – the Fintech 3.0 is here. How and when will it merge with traditional financial system?

Stakeholder Capitalism


The notion of stakeholder capitalism is being reshaped by the fast development of crypto industry. Who are the new stakeholder and how will we work together in the future?


The CRYPTO SUMMIT 2021 is exclusively organized by SMART VALOR AG.